“Made me fall in love with Shakespeare all over again! ”

Audience member, Romeo & Juliet

  • Hamlet, 2004

    Hamlet, 2004

  • Tin, 2012

    Tin, 2012

  • Frankenstein!, 2012

    Frankenstein!, 2012

  • The Death of Sherlock Holmes, 2011

    The Death of Sherlock Holmes, 2011

  • Waiting for Godot, 2013

    Waiting for Godot, 2013

About Miracle

Miracle tours original, inventive, comic theatre across Cornwall and the UK. Its rich mix of touring work includes classic plays, new writing and Shakespeare and visits open-air and indoor venues.


Established in 1979, Miracle is one of the South West’s key arts organisations.

It produces a rich mix of touring theatre, always with a unique comic style, joyful use of language and an immediate visual appeal. It embraces digital technology and nurtures new writers, performers, venues and promoters.

Miracle works with promoters to build audiences by bringing ‘big’ shows to little venues; it is committed to touring work which is innovative, but not intimidating, to communities in the far flung corners of the UK.

Miracle is caretaker of the Miracle Space: a hub for small-scale theatre in the South West.